From St Louis, MO

    From St. Louis, MO Take I-64 east to I-57 south. At Marion take Rt. 13 east to Rt. 1. Go south on Rt. 1 approximately 20 mile to Lamb Rd. (You will be 2 miles north of the Ohio River ferry at Cave-in-Rock.) Turn left on Lamb Rd. and follow the HogRock signs (approx. 5 miles).

From Chicago, IL

    Take I-57 south to Rt. 13 at Marion (approx 250 miles). At Marion, take Rt. 13 east to Rt. 1. Take Rt. 1 south to Lamb Rd. Turn left on Lamb Rd. and follow HogRock signs.

From Evansville, IN

    Take I-64 west to Rt 1 south. Follow Rt 1 south (you will cross Rt 13) approximately 20 miles to Lamb Rd. Turn left on Lamb Rd and follow the HogRock signs.

From Nashville, TN

    Can take I-24 to Rt 146. Take 146 east. Follow 146 thru Golconda to Elizabethtown to Rte. 1. Go north on Rt. 1 (1/4 mile) and turn right on Lamb Rd. Follow the HogRock signs. Or take I-24 to Eddyville and take 641 to Marion, KY. In Marion, take 91 to the river and Cave-in-Rock ferry. (The ferry is FREE!) When you get off the ferry you are on IL Rt.1 . Go north approximately 2 miles to Lamb Rd. and turn right. Follow the HogRock signs!

GPS COORDINATES +37 31' 59.00", -88 5' 46.00" / Latitude: 37.532873 Longitude: -88.096081

RR1 Box 247A
Cave In Rock, IL 62919

Hogrock campgrounds map


We're currently booking bands for 2018 - more info soon!


Don't try this at home Side Show
    (Freak Show)
Tommy the Fire Guy
    (fire performer)
Katie Blaze
    (fire performer)


Clothing Optional Swimming Hole
    (No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk)
Abate IL sponsored games
    (Motorcycle skilled field events)
Tollbooth Karaoke
    (every afternoon, Hangout stage)
Helicopter Rides
    (behind the Hangout stage)
Topless School Bus Rides
    (it's big, it's pink and you can ride topless!)


Cooldown contest
    (every day, Beach stage)
Topless Hula Hoop
    (Sat, Main stage)
What T Shirt
    (every night, Main stage)
Kissing Girls contest
    (Sat, Main stage)

    June 14-17, 2018

    October 4-7, 2018

RR1 Box 247A
Cave In Rock, IL 62919